High Tower Nitrate Compound 22 9 9 Npk Fertilizer For Flowering Plants Fruits Tomatoes

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Dr Aid
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: DAS029
Minimum Order Quantity: 22 Ton
Price: $406.15/ton
Packaging Details: PP,PE bags
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 600000 Ton/Tons per Year
Detail Information
CAS No: 14567-64-7 EINECS No: 231-915-5
MF: N-P2O5-K2O Release Type:: Quick
State: GRANULAR Purity: 98%
Color: White NPK: 22 9 9
Nutrition: 51
High Light:

22 9 9 npk fertilizer for flowering plants


Compound npk fertilizer for flowering plants


tomato fertilizer npk 22 9 9

Product Description

Welcome OEM
Dr Aid High Tower Factory Price Nitrate Agricultural Compound NPK 22 9 9 Fertilizer for Flowers Fruits Tomatoes Granular
High Tower Nitrate Compound 22 9 9 Npk Fertilizer For Flowering Plants Fruits Tomatoes 1High Tower Nitrate Compound 22 9 9 Npk Fertilizer For Flowering Plants Fruits Tomatoes 2
Compound Fertilizer
HS CODE:3105909000
NPK Ratio:22-9-9
Application:fruits, fruit trees, vegetables, tobacco and other economic crops
Product Name Sulfur-Based Compound NPK Fertilizer
Formula N-P2O5-K2O
Chloride <3%
Nitrogen >20.5%
Phosphorus Pentoxide >7.5%
Potassium oxide >7.5%
Melting point 70℃
State Granular fertilizer
Colour white,red,yellow,OEM color
Granular size 2-5mm
Moisture content <2%
Water Solubility 420 g/L(20℃)
Density 1.8g/cm3 (20 °C)
Release Type Quick
Purity 95%
Certification ISO9001,SGS
Packing 50kg/25kg PP Woven Bag

Can do special formula fertilizer as you request.

Also can add other nutrition element according to your request


High-Tower:Easy water solubility, uniform appearance, smoothness, particle compression resistance



1. The compressive strength is high and the water dissolves quickly. The moisture content of the product is generally below 1%, and the compressive strength can be increased by more than double, which is suitable for various fertilization methods.

2. The nutrients are even, which promotes the uniform growth of the crops and the overall growth is good.

3. The medium and trace elements are effective and easily absorbed by crops

4. The utilization rate of fertilizer is improved, the nutrient release is more uniform, and the fertilizer effect time is long.

5. There are small holes to prevent counterfeiting, the compound fertilizer particles are uniformly clear, and the color is bright. Other processes cannot produce products with small holes and are not easy to be counterfeited. 6. The product quality is stable, the operating cost is low, the energy consumption is low, no pollution, and easy to operate.


The characteristics of stable and long fertilizer effect, easy to absorb, and it is rich in the fourth nutrient essential for crop growth Sulfide can significantly promote the photosynthesis of crops, promote the healthy growth of plants, effectively increase crop yields and improve crop quality.


Warning:The specific dosage is adjusted according to the crop yield, soil fertility and the guidance of the local agricultural technology department.



High Tower Nitrate Compound 22 9 9 Npk Fertilizer For Flowering Plants Fruits Tomatoes 3


What is NPK?


NPK are the chemical symbols for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) & Potassium (K). These three elements are found in almost every type of soil sold are the amounts are normally listed on the bag or bottle under the NPK designation. For example, if a bag of soil is 15-18-20, it is referring to the ratio of NPK. The same is true on a bottle of fertilizer. The ratio of NPK will normally be listed somewhere on the label.

Nitrogen (N) : Nitrogen helps in making proteins that are used for foliage growth. Excessive Nitrogen will cause fast growth but poor flowering, . A Nitrogen deficiency causes stunted growth.

Phosphorus (P) : Phosphorus is key to strong root growth, flower development and larger seeds. An excess of Phosphorus causes poor growth and bleached or yellow leaves. A phosphorus deficiency causes leaves to die.

Potassium (K) : Potassium is important for overall plant health and development of flowers. Excess Potassium can cause (N) and (P) uptake to be blocked which would then lead to (N) & (P) deficiencies and issues. Potassium deficiencies lead to disease and overall poor plant health.

There are other nutrients and compounds that a plant needs, but they are often required in tiny amounts. Calcium, Magnesium, & Iron are needed by plants, but in minuscule amounts compared to NPK.

Choose the formula As you Need Below
We can do special formula as you request.
Also can add other nutrition element according to your request
Type Formular Total Quantity of Elements
15-15-15 45
16-16-16 48
17-17-17 51
18-18-18 54
19-19-19 57
20-20-20 60

High K

15-5-26 46
12-5-26 43
15-5-30 50
16-8-22 46
15-8-20 43
15-9-20 44

High K

26-10-15 51
24-6-10 40
22-8-15 45
22-9-9 40
20-8-12 40
22-6-12 40
25-10-16 41
22-11-12 45
25-10-19 54
18-10-17 45
V Shape 18-12-18 48


1. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we can supply the goods with long-term validity and stability.We also can accept OEM and ODM orders.
2. What is your payment term?
We can accept T/T and L/C at sight as payment term.
3. What about the delivery time?
Within 7 days after receiving your payment.
4. Do you have any certificate regarding quality control?
Yes,we have ISO9001:2008 certificate to assure you the quality.
5: Do you provide free sample?
Yes, we can provide free sample . You only need to take the express fee.

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