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We do research and development jointly with well- known agricultural universities in China, such as Hunan Agricultural University and Nanjing Agricultural University。

We set up R&D centers in universities and have professional professors to lead teams to conduct scientifo research experiments。We are the New Ferilizer Research Institute, a practice base for scientifc research and eaching, and a key national project。Hunan's first production enterprise of high-tower compound fertilizer with an annual output of 1 million tons,invested 3 million yuan to build a quality inspection center, and has 5 laboratories,and has passed the first-level quality inspection agency certification。With the domestic leading level of production equipment and process technology, technical experts formed with the Hunan Agricultural University will track and test the entire production process to ensure that the qualifed rate of the products is 100%。Dr.Aid, Your Plant Mate, always provide the best frilier。

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